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Some Birds Nest in Broken Branches

Alien Buddha Press / ISBN: 979-8793306-28-7 / $11.44

The stories in Some Birds Nest in Broken Branches masterfully and poetically chart trauma, loss, grief—the ways these things warp, bend, and break those they touch—while staying rooted in the heart. Kip Knott is a virtuoso of the particular, and his hands are just as nimble with obsession and compulsion as they are with the strange and surreal. This book is a testament to brokenness not as a flaw but as a facet; in the coal that lines many of Kip's vivid settings, there are ample diamonds to be found.

                         Liza Olson, The Brother We Share

Some Birds Nest in Broken Branches Cover copy 2.jpg

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Clean Coal Burn belongs in the tradition of James Wright, whose poems of coal mines and slag heaps nevertheless reveal love of a scarred but resilient land. In these poems beauty is found in unlikely places such as the haze over a corn field or the words of a man whose throat has been destroyed by black lung disease but who writes that there is beauty in the afterbirth of a sheep which steams in the spring snow “as if the land were alive.” While there is death—of miners or parents—there is also resurrection—in the new growth and new generations.

                         Deborah Fleming

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