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Clean Coal Burn belongs in the tradition of James Wright, whose poems of coal mines and slag heaps nevertheless reveal love of a scarred but resilient land. In these poems beauty is found in unlikely places such as the haze over a corn field or the words of a man whose throat has been destroyed by black lung disease but who writes that there is beauty in the afterbirth of a sheep which steams in the spring snow “as if the land were alive.” While there is death—of miners or parents—there is also resurrection—in the new growth and new generations.

                         Deborah Fleming

One Promise of Green

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Overflow, 1978


          after a portrait of Helga Testorf by Andrew Wyeth


I cannot allow the darkness in,

though it waits just outside

the window like the eyes of all those

who would not approve of my time

alone with you. I try to focus on the light,

the way it glows upon your supine form

stretched out across a narrow bed

barely big enough to hold your body.

But with each dappled stroke,

the brush in my hand transforms

you into a marble graveyard angel

toppled by the weight of sunlight

and too many lonely years to count.


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